What is Innotrepreneur?

Innotrepreneur (pronounced as in-nuh-truh-pruh-nur) is a coined word. It is a combination of 2 words, namely, Innovator and Entrepreneur. Other forms of the word are innotrepreneurial (adjective) and innotrepreneurship (noun).

Those words are not trademarks and you are free to use them. The word Innotrepreneur is coined by Jaywin Chia (Singapore) and the domain name (innotrepreneur.com) was registered on 19th May 2012, Saturday.

What is the definition or meaning of Innotrepreneur?

Innotrepreneur is a person who has the quality of both innovator and entrepreneur. He or she has the character, skill set and knowledge to change and to make changes in their respective industry. He or she also has the audacity to get out of their comfort zone and to achieve greater good for people and also for themselves in an enterprising way.

The difference

somebody's money
uses his/her own skill uses his/her
own knowledge
start a
own business
make a lot of money for themselves
Innovator Yes Yes No No relatively no
Entrepreneur Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Innotreprener Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: There is no one role better than the others. They are just definitions for us to understand our positions. Most importantly, we (for those who belong to those catergories) will switch between them in our life time and we will eventually play the role that best suits us.

The challenge

As of 2012, Innotrepreneur is still a new and an unheard of word. Acceptance of such a word is still unknown. The reason for creating such a word in this era was to give this group of people identity and recognition.

Why not just use the word Entrepreneur? Coined word like Technopreneur failed. Why do we need another coined word like Innotrepreneur? Well, you see, in our current world, how successful Entrepreneurs are are usually determined by how wealthy they are, which is fine. But there are "Entrepreneurs" out there who are also innovators. They look and think out of the box, they change for the better in their respective industries. They want their innovations to change the world. However, those innovations may not be converted to huge wealth or short term gain. This group of people usually strike a balance in both innovations and entrepreneurship. Honestly, we need more of these people. Therefore, there is a need to identify and recognize this group of people who have contributed more than money can measure.

There are many awards for successful Entrepreneurs and some awards for Innovators (who are usually the employees). Hopefully, in the near future, there will be awards for Innotrepreneurs.

Feel free to connect with Jaywin Chia for further discussion if the above aroused your interest. Perhaps, that is itself an example of an 'innotreprising' step.


Thank you.